About Pour Homme Cologne

Hi, my name is Andy and I’m a fragrance fanatic. Sounds a bit like we’re at an AA meeting huh? During the week I run my own marketing agency in Amsterdam. My life is mostly digital (don’t worry, I get out enough) and fragrances are one of the view things that are not digital. There are no scent peripherals for computers, so if you want to smell something you have to get your nose on it.

This blog is focused on fragrances for men, but I believe all fragrances are unisex by definition. Men can wear fragrances for women and vice versa. Also, I don’t believe in designer vs niche vs indie perfumes. There is great designer stuff out there, as well as terrible niche scents. So on this blog I don’t make a distinction.

Like I said I’m a fanatic, I’m not a fragrance expert or trained perfumer or anything like that. I also realize that scents work differently for everyone, so a fragrance that works for me might not work as well on your skin. So everything on this blog is according to my own taste and experience. These are just my own opinions. Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments under each blog.

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