Antonio Puig Aqua Quorum was released in 1994 and the perfumers behind this fragrance are Alberto Morillas, Harry Fremont and Rosendo Mateu. It contains notes of grapefruit, lavender and leather (apparently).

Now Alberto Morillas is an interesting and very productive perfumer. In the same year this fragrance was released he also worked on CK One by Calvin Klein and Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger. The year after he released Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani. And he has also worked on fragrances by Gucci and Bvlgari. So he is kind of the box office champion of the fragrance world, although he also releases a shit scent every once in a while. Anytime he releases something new I go out and smell it. Because he’s really quite good in airy and fresh fragrances.

About the company Antonio Puig

Antonio Puig have released a bunch of their own fragrances, like this one and the original Quorum, but today it’s mostly a company that produces fragrances under license from others. And what a list of companies this is! It includes among others Prada, Paco Rabanne, Carolina Herrera, L’Artisan Parfumeur and Penhaligons. So it’s a mix of both designer and niche brands. Which basically proofs that designer and niche aren’t that far apart in the fragrance world. And really making a distinction between them based on quality is just snobbish. There are great designer fragrances and shit niche fragrances. So just smell and enjoy whatever you like.

Anyway, Puig was founded in Barcelona in 1914 and has been focused on fragrance and cosmetics since the start, later adding fashion to the mix. It is still owned by the Puig family. Nowadays you have to look hard on the packaging of Aqua Quorum (or the original Quorum for that matter) to see they are produced by Puig. It is printed on the underside of the box. I think Puig isn’t really focusing on their own brand anymore, but that there is enough of an audience for these fragrances to keep selling them. They barely even mention these scents on their own website.

What Antonio Puig Aqua Quorum smells like

Aqua Quorum has notes of lavender and grapefruit in the top, and apparently also leather in the base although I don’t get that. I wouldn’t really call it an aquatic (although I don’t call Cool Water an aquatic either), to me it’s more of a lighter and fresher take on a fougere. Quite modern in a way as well with the grapefruit. My guess is that there is also a hefty dose of calone in there. It’s almost a prototype blue fragrance, replace the calone with ambroxan and you would end up with a Sauvage or Bleu de Chanel.

This fragrance is often compared to Davidoff Cool Water and Eternity by Calvin Klein, and it certainly has similarities to those scents. But to my nose what it smells most like is Axe Alaska body wash.

Final thoughts on Antonio Puig Aqua Quorum

Aqua Quorum is very cheap, I got my 100ml bottle for 20 euros at TK Maxx. It also smells nice, although it’s nothing special or original. Performance is adequate, but again nothing special. I use it to switch things up on warm days when I’m not doing anything important and don’t want to waste sprays of the more expensive fragrances I own. Also, I think it would make a good office scent if you’re on a budget and you can find it.

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