Azzaro Sport is a cheap scent that retails mostly at tax-free stores at airports which is where I bought my bottle. If you’re a casual shopper who just wants to smell nice at an affordable price you will like this one. Just the name Sport is one of the most uninspired things ever I suppose. Same goes for the fragrance and packaging, but it smells decent though.

The fragrance house of Azzaro has some history. It released the classic Azzaro Pour Home at the end of the seventies, and also the very popular Azarro Chrome in the nineties. Now I don’t like that last one but it is loved by many, sells to this day and has spawned an enormous amount of flankers.

What does Azzaro Sport smell like?

It’s in the same ballpark as Legend by MontBlanc and Fierce by Abercrombie & Fitch, albeit quite a bit cheaper than either of those. So without realizing it you’ve probably already smelled some things very similar to this. It’s your basic shower gel type of scent. Nobody will be insulted by you wearing this.

It’s versatile and the performance is quite alright, but it’s also uninspired. This one is not meant for fragrance aficionados, but for casual shoppers.

All that said though, I do like it quite a bit. It smells fresh and clean. Don’t expect anything special and it’s very cheap but it’s also a reliable workhorse that you can spray with abandon.

So what is a sport fragrance anyway?

That is a very good question! I have no idea how I would define fragrances with the word sport in the name. Mostly they are flankers, a fresher take on the original pillar fragrance. Although Azzaro Sport is not a flanker. But also the name often doesn’t make sense. What to think of Luna Rossa Sport by Prada? That entire line is built around sport, as Luna Rossa is the name of Prada’s competitive sailing yacht. Not to mention Luna Rossa Eau Sport, which I guess is a fresher take on a fresher take?

I guess you can say that sport fragrances are made to wear during sport or after sport. But why wear a fragrance during sport? Unless it’s for confidence this doesn’t make sense to me. I mean, why bother?

As a quick pick me up after showering? Sure go ahead but then you could wear anything from Kouros to CK1. To mask odor after not showering? Maybe on the way home from the gym to have a shower there. I guess we found a reason there.

Azzaro Sport should have been called Azzaro Airport

I’m taking a wild guess here because I don’t have any sources, and I doubt any will turn up, but Azzaro Sport mostly retails at tax-free shopping fragrance stores at airports. I’ve also seen it at some perfume shops in France but that’s quite recent and as far as I know at least not in the first year after release. And France is Azzaro’s home country anyway.

So what I think is that one of these airport tax-free shopping chains put out a brief for a fresh fragrance with some brand cachet to sell at low prices to bored travelers and Azzaro responded with this juice. The fragrance is well-made and smells nice, but is also rather uninspired. And the bottle and packaging are frankly just boring. But it is very cheap and Azzaro has brand recognition so it will sell. Apparently, it sold well enough for Azzaro to also start selling it through other retail channels. I guess you could call that a small victory.

Final thoughts on Azzaro Sport

If you are bored and waiting for your flight at an airport go ahead and drop €20 on this, it is a cheap bit of fun. And mostly cheaper than other types of entertainment at airports.

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