Do you enjoy smelling of nothing? Then Calvin Klein created the perfect scent for you in cK Free Sport. It has no longevity, no projection and no scent.

This fragrance makes me wonder why Calvin Klein even bothered to release it. It has no redeeming qualities, except maybe the bottle is kind of nice I guess. Maybe they ordered a big batch of it before they actually smelled it and decided to release it on the cheap to mitigate sunk costs. Or maybe they got a few test bottles and nobody dared to admit they didn’t smell anything and released it anyway. Or maybe everyone involved had a cold, who knows how decisions like this are made?

cK Free Sport literally smells of nothing. It’s not even an ‘anti-scent’ like some cleaners and detergents are that are made to take away bad odors. When you spray this scent it literally has no impact.

I’m not a big fan of Calvin Klein overall. I will admit to having a soft spot for cK One because that was one of the first scents I owned. Even though that fragrance also seems to get cruder with each passing year and each reformulation. Probably swapping out cheap ingredients for even cheaper ingredients. And I will grudgingly admit that I quite like Eternity.

I couldn’t find out who the perfumers behind this scent are. I understand that. I would also be ashamed of admitting that I was responsible for boring water.

What Calvin Klein cK Free Sport smells like

It smells of nothing. It does this using a combination of bergamot, mandarin, jasmine, lotus, lily of the valley, cedarwood, sandalwood and amber. You may get a fleeting whiff of mandarin after applying it which makes it a tad sweet, but this fades away in minutes. After that there is a faint smell of generic woods which makes it a tad dry. So even the sweet and dry even each other out to zero. There is absolutely nothing there. This is the smell of nothing.

Final thoughts on Calvin Klein cK Free Sport

The projection of Calvin Klein cK Free Sport can be measured in millimeters, longevity in seconds. And that’s it, the show is over. Reading this review will take you longer then cK Free Sport lasts on your skin.

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