I like a lot of the fragrances in the David Beckham line. Most of them punch way above their weight for the price that you pay for them. I’ve never actually seen a full-priced bottle of a David Beckham fragrance. And David Beckham Homme is no exception. It is very cheap, but also very nice.

David Beckham Homme reminds me of Bvlgari Man, in the sense that for me they have the same overall feel. Both are very woody, although the Bvlgari is a bit sweeter because of the honey note. That note is in the base so it’s more of a differentiator in the drydown, so Bvlgari Man is not what you would call a traditionally sweet fragrance either. There is a certain dryness in David Beckham Homme from the woody and spicy notes. It is not a playful fragrance, though not overly serious either. It skews a bit older, like for someone in their first job with not enough income yet to buy a Bvlgari fragrance yet. It’s a classically styled fragrance, without much appeal for a younger audience I feel.

This fragrance was signed by Pierre Negrin who has also created scents for Amouage, so not actually a cut-rate perfumer I think. Although he has also done fragrances for Guess and Calvin Klein so he’s not above working for bargain bin brands. This is the only fragrance he has done for David Beckham. I don’t own any of the other fragrances he has done so I can’t really compare this one to the rest of his work. I have smelled Amouage Interlude Man and that one is very nice though prohibitively expensive.

What does David Beckham Homme smell like

It smells like a semi-formal office fragrance. It’s woody, dry and a bit aromatic. David Beckham Homme is what you would wear with a decent but inexpensive suit. The sillage is nothing to write home about, but it has a bit of staying power. And it does smell nice. Many cheap fragrances have an alcoholic opening but that is nicely masked here with a bit of citrus. I’m damning it with faint praise, but it really is an okay scent. Don’t be afraid of wearing it if you don’t have much money to spend. Do not expect to wow the ladies but you will come across as semi-professional.

A little thought on David Beckham fragrances in general

It’s interesting to think about the kind of audience the David Beckham fragrance line is trying to appeal to. Many of them are quite classic (there is even one called David Beckham Classic!) and even a bit formal in style, like this one. David Beckham The Essence is more youthful because it is fruity and sweet, but to me that one is a misfire. Some of the Instinct flankers are sweeter like Follow Your Instinct, which could almost be a clubbing fragrance if the performance would be better. And also Inspired by Respect which is pitched somewhere between Bleu de Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent Y, again without the performance those fragrances have.

An outlier is Bold Instinct which veers into niche territory with notes of pineapple, peat and whisky. Based on the notes it’s the one David Beckham fragrance I would have paid full retail for but performance is especially dismal. Which is a shame, with better ingredients and execution this would have been a killer fragrance instead of just ‘hey, nice opening’.

Who are David Beckham fragrances trying to appeal to?

So who are these releases trying to appeal to? Sometimes I have my misgivings with them but in general they are much better than other bottles in the bargain bin. Office upstart employees? People with smaller wallets but a bit of taste? Just David Beckham fans? I don’t follow soccer so I don’t know about that last group. Or maybe people like me that have a bit of money to spend so will throw them in the shopping cart? Doesn’t seem like much of an audience to build a company on but then again but you can easily buy these scents so they have their audience.

And yes, I know I sound like a snob and there is nothing wrong with wanting to smell nice even if you are on a smaller wallet. I much prefer these fragrances by David Beckham to a lot of the celebrity scents that are tossed around. I hope they keep on releasing them, I’ll keep on buying them once they hit discounters. Which in this case is almost immediately. They even manage to beat Davidoff to the bargain bin!

Final thoughts on David Beckham Homme

Anyway, David Beckham Homme is a nice fragrance so buy it if you are curious or if you want to smell nice without breaking the bank. It’s a good alternative to more expensive stuff and people without an interest in fragrances probably won’t notice the difference anyway. Well worth the money I paid for it.

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