Does anybody actually know how many flankers Davidoff Cool Water has had over the years? Anyway, here’s another one: Cool Water Aquaman Collector Edition.

What can I say that hasn’t been said about the original Cool Water already? It was released more than three decades ago, it’s a classic, very easy to find and also very cheap. Oh, and I like it! To capitalize on the success (and make some easy money) of Cool Water Davidoff has released tons of flankers over the years. And what company wouldn’t? It’s an easy cash cow with a built-in audience. I would do the same thing in their position.

Another company not averse to making some easy money is DC Comics. So I guess DC Comics and Davidoff is a match made in heaven, and therefore we get Cool Water Aquaman. Combining Cool Water is an obvious combination. I could maybe see Silver Shadow Silver Surfer happen (though I guess that line is dead), and a Davidoff Adventure Amazonia Wonder Woman flanker of a flanker would be nice.

Instead what we got was Cool Water Street Fighter Champion Summer Edition, which is basically the same juice as Aquaman but in different packaging. Anyway, I would still buy it because Street Fighter!

Actually, the packaging for Cool Water Aquaman is really nice. The box has a cool look with the Aquaman logo and a nice matte finish, and the bottle has a nice blue gradient. All in all I like the presentation!

What does Cool Water Aquaman smell like?

On the first spray there is very little similarity to the original Cool Water, that comes further in the drydown though. At first the green mandarin is very prominent, fruity and sweet but very artificial. To me this green mandarin note is too much because of its artificiality, I would have preferred either less of it or a more natural smelling citrus note.

By the way, what is the link between Aquaman and mandarin? How about a nice seaweed note like in Bvlgari Avqa? If I think about it Bvlgari Avqa Amara is a much nicer take on the same general concept.

The official notes are green mandarin, black pepper and guaic wood. But there is a lot more going on, I don’t get much of the pepper but I do pick up lavender as a nod to the original.

Final thoughts on Cool Water Aquaman

I think that Cool Water Aquaman is a great choice for teens because of the low price point and the sweet and fruity smell. Of course, the DC Comics branding helps with that as well. Very juvenile though, as a more grown-up take I would choose Bvlgari Avqa Amara if you like this concept, although that one is of course much more expensive and harder to find nowadays. So I’ll keep using this one when I’m in the mood for Avqa Amara but want to save my bottle of it.

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