Just like Calvin Klein with CK One and Davidoff with Cool Water a new yearly limited edition flanker is released by Dolce & Gabanna in the Light Blue line of fragrances. The 2020 edition is Light Blue Love is Love. A sweet, creamy, and artificial-smelling version of the original.

The Light Blue line is a range of very popular fragrances by Dolce & Gabanna. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of the original, I much prefer the female version. I will admit that Light Blue Forever is amazing though! So why did I buy Light Blue Love is Love? First of all I’m a sucker for flankers. While pillar releases need to appeal to as many people as possible flankers can get a bit weirder and therefore more interesting. Or they can be complete failures which can also be very interesting! Secondly, I could buy a bottle on the cheap. Only €25 for 75ml so I couldn’t resist..

What does Light Blue Love is Love smell like?

It smells like a fruit milkshake! Which is the vanilla and ice cream notes working together. I wouldn’t say it’s primarily an apple-flavored milkshake, although there is also an apple note in this, because I also get some kind of red fruit from the smell. I know many red fruit flavored juices contain a lot of apple juice so maybe that is what’s confusing my nose here. It’s not the sweetest scent I’ve ever smelled, but it comes pretty close.

Light Blue Love is Love smells fresh, artificial and cool. Cool as in cold, not cool as in cool. Kind of unfashionable, which you wouldn’t expect from Dolce & Gabanna. Maybe they tried to capitalize on a trend that never happened.

Final thoughts on Light Blue Love is Love

There is nothing natural about this perfume, which might be its point as there is nothing natural about a fast-food milkshake either. That doesn’t mean that Light Blue Love is Love smells bad, there is actually some density to it. But it does smell boring. Nevertheless, I do find myself wearing it quite often as it is kind of an easy dumb reach fragrance. But it is not a smell I would buy again, or miss once it has finally left the marketplace.

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