You can’t possibly wear this as a personal scent. What were these people thinking when they made it? Actually I know what they were thinking, they were trying to recreate the smell of the International Space Station.

Now I’ve never been to the International Space Station, and probably you haven’t either. If you have let me know in the comments. So I don’t know first hand what it smells like up there, but apparently it smells like gunpowder, steak, raspberries and rum. As an aside, the Russian Mir space station also smelled like vodka. Makes me wonder what stuff they took up there.

Eau de Space was a project on Kickstarter. It is a recreation of a scent developed for NASA to train astronauts for the ISS. You don’t want any surprises when you sent people up there, so this is used to get astronauts accustomed to the situation on board.

Unfortunately my bottle arrived in pretty bad shape. The box is dinged from its trip from China. It would have been nice if a padded envelope was used. And the sticker on the bottle is rather sloppily applied as well. The side of the box says ‘The Smell of the Moon’ instead of ‘Eau de Space’. Not much care was taken. It is not retail-ready packaging anyway, at least not for the EU. There is a barcode on the box but no list of ingredients for example.

All in all the packaging is cheaply done, although the bottle and sprayer themselves are fine if a little uninspiring. A little bit more work on the packaging would have been appreciated.

What Eau de Space smells like

The notes in this fragrance are gunpowder, steak, raspberries, rum, walnuts, ozone and burned almond cookies. This list is based on Kickstarter and some other sources like Fragrantica. And I highly doubt you will see a list of notes like this in any other fragrance ever again.

To my nose it smells like burned metal. Like somebody is welding pieces of metal together in a factory mixed with some chemicals and caustic fluids from a laboratory. Because that is what the ISS is I guess, a factory in space to keep astronauts alive while they are performing experiments.

I can’t say anything about the longevity, I won’t be putting this stuff on my skin. But it is quite powerful, you can smell it from across the room.

Final thoughts on Eau de Space

Let’s just say that as an office fragrance this certainly won’t replace Dior Sauvage or Bleu de Chanel, unless you want to be fired. As a personal fragrance this is a complete failure. But as an experiment it’s quite interesting, and now I know I wouldn’t want to go there because of the smell which counts for something. Let’s call it art, but I won’t be wearing it.

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