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This is a list of all the fragrances that have been reviewed on this website.

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil by Hermès – Review

Un Jardin Sur Le Nil, an exquisite creation by Hermès, is inspired by the lush and vibrant gardens along the Nile River. Crafted by master perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena, this fragrance is part of the renowned Jardin series, celebrated for its ability to capture the...

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Azzaro Sport – Review

Azzaro Sport is a cheap scent that retails mostly at tax-free stores at airports which is where I bought my bottle. If you're a casual shopper who just wants to smell nice at an affordable price you will like this one. Just the name Sport is one of the most uninspired...

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Salvatore Ferragamo F Black – Review

F by Ferragamo Black, or Ferragamo F Black as it is more commonly called, is a very pleasant throwback to the time before blue fragrances. It is completely at home at the office or on a date. Also, it's quite cheap if you can still find it. I bought my bottle at a TK...

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Joop Homme Wild – Review

Joop Homme Wild is a sweet and boozy flanker to the original Joop Homme, which is already sweet enough so this one mainly ads the booze. In this blog I'll also draw some links with Maison Martin Margiela's Jazz Club which was done by the same perfumer and smells quite...

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David Beckham Homme – Review

I like a lot of the fragrances in the David Beckham line. Most of them punch way above their weight for the price that you pay for them. I've never actually seen a full-priced bottle of a David Beckham fragrance. And David Beckham Homme is no exception. It is very...

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Davidoff Cool Water Aquaman – Review

Does anybody actually know how many flankers Davidoff Cool Water has had over the years? Anyway, here's another one: Cool Water Aquaman Collector Edition. What can I say that hasn't been said about the original Cool Water already? It was released more than three...

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Eau de Space – Review

You can’t possibly wear this as a personal scent. What were these people thinking when they made it? Actually I know what they were thinking, they were trying to recreate the smell of the International Space Station. Now I’ve never been to the International Space...

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Gucci Guilty Absolute – Review

I’ve never rated the Gucci Guilty line of fragrances very highly. To me it’s a line of generic fresh fragrances with few redeeming qualities. Gucci Guilty Black is especially atrocious in my opinion. But I think Gucci Guilty Absolute is an amazing fragrance! This...

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Montale Patchouli Leaves – Review

Do you love gardening in the rain? The scent of wet leaves and soil? Then you will love the smell of Montale Patchouli Leaves. To me Montale Patchouli Leaves smells like a deconstructed cousin of Mugler A*Men. That might seem weird, but patchouli can smell like...

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