I’ve never rated the Gucci Guilty line of fragrances very highly. To me it’s a line of generic fresh fragrances with few redeeming qualities. Gucci Guilty Black is especially atrocious in my opinion. But I think Gucci Guilty Absolute is an amazing fragrance!

This scent is bone dry, without any sweetness at all. It is completely out of step with all the popular fragrances aimed at a youthful audience. Which I guess is the audience that Gucci normally targets with its products. So quite a brave release then.

Gucci Guilty Absolute was created by Alberto Morillas and it is his first creation in the Gucci Guilty line. As far as I can tell it’s actually his first fragrance for Gucci period. Although after this he has done a lot of scents for Gucci, including Mémoire d’une Odeur, The Alchemist’s Garden line and a few other fragrances in the Guilty line.

What Gucci Guilty Absolute smells like

Vetiver and leather. Like a pair of old cowboy boots left on the prairie for centuries. Some people have also described it as the smell of band-aids, the glue with which you stick those to your skins mixed with antiseptic. I get that a little bit, and it may sound a bit worrisome, but it doesn’t bother me at all. It’s also fleeting, I smell it the first few seconds after spraying but then it’s gone. After that it heads straight into the vetiver and leather.

The officially listed notes are leather, patchouli, cypress, vetiver and goldenwood. I have no idea what goldenwood is. When I google it I get a list of lodges and camping grounds. So I guess Alberto Morillas crushed a lodge and mixed it into the fragrance, possibly with its occupants inside which explains the antiseptic smell.

What I get from this fragrance is leather and dark brooding vetiver with a little patchouli mixed in. No sweet or fresh notes at all.

Final thoughts on Gucci Guilty Absolute

This is the complete opposite of an office freshy and lightyears away from a bubblegum clubbing scent. I can’t think of any mainstream designer scent that smells like this. In cheaper fragrances it can be compared a little bit to Encre Noir by Lalique which is also a brooding vetiver scent. Otherwise it falls more in line with niche fragrances that are way more expensive.

Gucci Guilty Absolute makes quite a statement. It has excellent performance on my skin, lasting a long time and projecting well. I don’t see how this is part of the Guilty line actually, because the other ones, with the notable exception of Gucci Guilty Cologne which was also done by Alberto Morillas, smell boring and perform poorly.

This is an excellent buy and a complete surprise from Gucci! Although you might want to try it first before buying because it is not for everyone. Especially if the only fragrances you’re familiar with are sweet clubbing scents, fresh-out-of-the-shower scents and safe office fragrances.

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