Here is the house of Jacques Bogart capitalizing on the oud trend with One Man Show Oud Edition. A fragrance for the person that likes their oud cheap, dark and loud.

Fragrances from Jacques Bogart tend to be pretty cheap. But they make up for that with bombastic performance. Certainly in the case of the One Man Show line. This line has been going for some time now, the original One Man Show was released in 1980. So this line is just a few months younger than I am. The house has been releasing flankers in this line since 2011. So for about thirty years the original had its kingdom to itself.

Now of course there would come a time when cheaper brands would start producing oud fragrances. This trend has been going for fifteen years now and appears to have been very lucrative for certain fragrance brands. Montale basically build their house on this note.

One Man Show Oud Edition comes in the same bottle style as the other fragrances in this line. This time in a brown coloration. I think this color suits this scent well, it’s dark and very woody.

I have no idea who the perfumer behind One Man Show Oud Edition is, so it’s probably Alberto Morillas because he seems to be behind everything. But probably not, who can tell? Only joking!

One Man Show Oud Edition notes and performance

The notes in this scent include bergamot, galbanum, red thyme, geranium, oud, papyrus, patchouli and leather. These notes swirl around you in a big woody and leathery cloud for at least 24 hours.

Obviously the main note in this fragrance is oud, which is a woody resin extracted from trees that were infected with a fungus. I also get a lot of leather and patchouli. Being an oud fragrance you also would expect some rose in there, it?s kind of a classic pairing. There isn’t though, but there is some geranium. Anyway, this is about as far away from a flowery fragrance as you can get. It’s dark, leathery and very woody.

I don’t expect there to be any real oud in this scent. Real oud is one of the most expensive natural materials in the world. It’s probably some type of synthetic oud or the perfumer used other ingredients to create an accord that smells like the real thing. I suspect some expensive niche houses are doing the exact same thing. Anyway, I don?t care. This stuff smells amazing!

Performace is also off the charts! A few sprays can last for days. But crucially I think that the projection has been tuned to just the right level. One Man Show Oud Edition doesn’t project so much that it becomes unwearable. That is not to say that this is an office scent by any means. But you can wear it out in public without becoming ‘that cologne guy’. People will probably think you’re wearing some exclusive niche fragrance.

Final thoughts on One Man Show Oud Edition

This is very good stuff! It puts a lot of other oud scents that cost five or six times as much to shame. For the price this retails at you can’t beat it.

Funny thing is that this is billed as an eau de toilette. However the box has ‘highly concentrated’ printed on it. Makes me wonder how it can be highly concentrated without being an eau de parfum. Anyway, it puts almost all eau de parfums to shame in the performance stakes. Just goes to show that eau de toilette, eau de parfum or parfum concentrations don’t necessarily mean very much when it comes to the performance of a fragrance.

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