Joop Homme Wild is a sweet and boozy flanker to the original Joop Homme, which is already sweet enough so this one mainly ads the booze. In this blog I’ll also draw some links with Maison Martin Margiela’s Jazz Club which was done by the same perfumer and smells quite similar. And like Batman it also has a teenage companion: Axe Excite.

Joop Homme Wild is one of many flankers in the Joop Homme line which first started in 1989. You can still easily get the original at quite a low price, although most of the flankers are harder to get nowadays. I bought Joop Homme Wild at a steep discount at a grocery chain, I only paid about €12 for 100ml. The main Joop fragrances, Homme, Jump, Go are easy to find where I live and often quite cheap. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bottle of these for more than €25.

Joop! is a fashion label started by designer Wolfgang Joop in 1978, they started adding fragrances to the portfolio in 1987 and the original Joop Homme was released in 1989. Wolfgang Joop eventually sold the label and started releasing fragrances under the name Looks by Wolfgang Joop in 2020. I’ve only seen these in Germany but they were very cheap. Not having smelled them I won’t comment on these.

Anyway, I’ve also got some shirts and tees by Joop and they are very nice, on the level of say Hugo Boss which is also a German brand. The scents are cheap, the clothing is about mid-level but in price but quite good in quality. Retail though, not designer, yes I am a snob.

What does Joop Homme Wild smell like?

On Fragrantica Joop Homme Wild is compared to both Axe Excite (or Lynx Excite depending on where you live) and Jazz Club by Maison Martin Margiela. I understand the comparisons to both fragrances. Which is funny because to my nose Excite and Jazz Club smell nothing alike. I own both Excite aftershave (which I never use, I use Proraso instead) and Jazz Club and I would never compare them, they are words apart in smell, quality and price. You can get about three liters of Excite aftershave for what you pay for a bottle of Jazz Club. I would say that Excite smells like the opening of Joop Homme Wild while the mid and drydown smell more like Jazz Club.

But there is one very definitive link between Joop Homme Wild and Jazz Club, in that both were done by the same perfumer: Alienor Massenet. Axe Excite was created by Ann Gottlieb so no link there.

I would say that WIld was a rough sketch for Jazz Club because they share many notes, and that Alienor Massenet further refined what is basically the same idea for the Maison Martin Margiela Replica line. I do prefer Jazz Club because it’s suitable for more occasions (if you don’t overspray, in which case you’ll smell like an ashtray instead of a cool minty cocktail and cigar bar vibe). But Jazz Club is also much more expensive.

It also smells like a particularly fruity version of Invictus, which had all of its grapefruit replaced with cherries and berries. And with a glug of rum thrown in for good measure. Kind of like a fruit salad gourmand, or a sweet and very fruity cocktail.

Final thoughts on Joop Homme Wild

I would never wear Joop Homme Wild to a Jazz Club (naturally I would wear Jazz Club), but you can totally wear it as a clubbing fragrance. Just not a jazz clubbing fragrance. It is very sweet and projects well, it can totally stand up to the likes of Versace Eros and Paco Rabanne Invictus.

So what kind of club could you wear it to? Not to a rock or metal club, in that case I would suggest Gucci Guilty Absolute because of the excellent leather note in there. I say to a seventies style discotheque or a funk club. I can totally see somebody like Prince digging this stuff. And do you remember the funk band Wild Cherry? Joop Homme Wild actually smells like wild cherry.

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