Do you love gardening in the rain? The scent of wet leaves and soil? Then you will love the smell of Montale Patchouli Leaves.

To me Montale Patchouli Leaves smells like a deconstructed cousin of Mugler A*Men. That might seem weird, but patchouli can smell like chocolate and this fragrance also includes the note of vanilla. So it isn’t that far from being a gourmand. Just one that has been reduced to the bare bones.

Mugler A*Men is often said to be a scent that mainly smells like chocolate and caramel, but it actually includes a lot of patchouli. That note is the base on which the fragrance is built, and in a way the other notes just accentuate different aspects of the patchouli base.

It also reminds me of Voleur de Roses by L´Artisan Parfumeur. Another heavy patchouli scent but which includes an additional wallop of rose. It’s actually kind of weird that the Montale collection doesn’t include a fragrance called Roses Patchouli, it would fit right in with the line up. Just like it’s weird that Mugler hasn’t released an A*Men flanker called Pure Patchouli, to me that also seems like a natural progression in the A*Men line.

What Montale Patchouli Leaves smells like

This fragrance includes the notes of patchouli (obviously!), amber, vanilla, labdanum and musk. Like every scent by Montale it was formulated by Pierre Montale. He didn’t name the house after himself for nothing.

It smells like a garden after a rain shower. The scent of wet leaves and soil that mixes with the natural fragrances of the flowers and plants that grow in it. Plants like rose (it isn’t an official note but I do smell a little and it’s a Montale after all) and cistus. Labdanum is a resin that’s made from the cistus shrub. Montale is famous for their oud fragrances, and like rose labdanum is a note that’s often combined with oud. As is cistus itself, for example in Yves Saint Laurent M7 Oud Absolu.

Final thoughts on Montale Patchouli Leaves

I like this fragrance, it has this kind of earthy vibe and it smells very natural. I do get anosmic to it, which I don’t get with most other patchouli fragrances. But I don’t hold that against it, based on the reactions of others it performs very well.

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