F by Ferragamo Black, or Ferragamo F Black as it is more commonly called, is a very pleasant throwback to the time before blue fragrances. It is completely at home at the office or on a date. Also, it’s quite cheap if you can still find it.

I bought my bottle at a TK Maxx for about €20. First of all F Black has one of the biggest boxes I have in my collection for 100ML of fragrance, only surpassed by my box for Lalique Encre Noire a L’Extreme. Secondly, both the bottle and box are very nicely done. It feels like high-end designer stuff.

And it smells like a high-end designer fragrance as well. Part of that may come from the perfumer Olivier Polge who has done a bunch of fragrances for Chanel including Bleu de Chanel Parfum and is also responsible for the 2005 version of Dior Homme. And that is the same category I would put F Black in, not daring but very well done. It might not smell very original now, but that’s because a bunch of scents in a similar vein were released in the years after this one. Although to my nose the feeling (though not necessarily the smell) that Ferragamo F Black most resembles is L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent. Safe and well done.

What does Ferragamo F Black smell like?

This fragrance has notes of lavender and apple at the top, black pepper and coriander in the mid, and tonka and labdanum at the base. So no fantasy notes here then. It is a mildly spicy fresh fragrance. You get a light spicy and aromatic sparkle from the pepper and coriander while the apple and lavender provide the freshness. Again not that far off from what YSL L’Homme does with cardamom. Not similar but in the ballpark. It just smells very, very good.

But if you are look for a daring and original scent look somewhere else, this one is about smelling good above smelling brave.

In the introduction of this blog I said that F Black is a throwback to before when blue fragrances became popular. And that is because it fulfills a similar function as those fragrances do. Mass appealing, versatile and compliment getting. But without the blue fragrance staple notes of grapefruit, ginger and ambroxan. So similar and different. But don’t think that this one smells old-fashioned, it might have been released over a decade ago but it still smells modern. You won’t be the old guy in the room if you wear this.

Final thoughts on Ferragamo F Black

Ferragamo F Black is a very pleasant fragrance. Nothing groundbreaking but very classy. Nobody will ever feel insulted if you wear this. I guess that’s a negative for some people who like their perfumes to be bold and daring. This is not that. It is safe and perfectly suitable for business situations or on a classy date. Maybe a negative for some, but for me there will always be a place for fragrances like this.

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